Summer Fun 2010 Part 2
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In our backyard this summer, on the pergola we put up some wisteria to climb, and as you can see we gained a tenant

Jared has lovingly named him Petey, and he has stayed with us through the summer

Come fall Petey finally left, but I'm sure he enjoyed his stay with us

Finally this summer we sold the Saturn wagon and picked up a pick up

A nice GMC Sierra with a crew cab so the whole family can ride, very fun

Here's jared and Grandpa Travis enjoying some mini-golf up in Lansing

Daddy tagged along too

Waiting in line for the go-karts

Daddy and his little speed demon racing round the bends

Time's up, time to pull into the garage

Only what, 10 years more before he gets a license? I can wait

This summer Daddy went to Chicago for a business trip

I ended up going to the Chicago Museum of Science & Industry

It's an incredible place to visit, with all sorts of exhibits

The centerpiece was the U-505, as you can see in these photos. A captured German U-boat from WWII, the U-505 is one of four boats that survive today

You could even go inside (for a fee) and check out the what it was like for the crew


And we finished up with a couple trains they had on display

The Empire State Express 4-4-0 engine

Plus the sleek Burlington Route Pioneer Zephyr

Different engine, but same roadname as you can see in our visit to the Illinois Railway Museum a few years back

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