Thunder over Michigan 2009 Air Show
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This summer was Jared's (and Daddy's) first time to a big air show. Wow have we been missing out. This show was at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI and featured all sorts of planes, including the Blue Angels!

Jared sporting his brand new dogtag

Lots of military equipment to see, get into and touch

Jared posing in front of the show's stars, the Blue Angels

Six F/A-18 Hornets, ready for some awesome aerial acrobatics

This show was also featuring the C-130 Hercules transport planes, there were about 15 there I think

And like most others, you could get up in there and even talk to the crew, very cool

You could fit a tank in these things (almost)

Jared waiting to get into the cockpit

Here we see Sgt. Wester fitting up a new crew member with his helmet

Hey, that's Jared!

Here's the big boy posing in the cockpit

You're cleared for taxi, let's move her on out

Check out the nose on that thing. Yup, Jared was way up there

The air show also included a couple reenactments

This one was an American WWII assault on a German fortification

As you can tell, our seats weren't so great for this part, but it was still very impressive to see the vintage machinery roll by

In action, with a mustang strafing run!

Back on the midway, checking out the UofM hospital Survival Flight helicopter that actually visited us in Milan a couple months back

Here we see an MH-53E Sea Dragon attack/rescue chopper. Check out those jet engines, on a copter!

Jared hanging out with one of the crew members

In another area off the midway, they setup a WWII camp

This is where the troops were stationed before and after the event we saw earlier in the day

A long shot of the midway. If you have even the least interest in planes, you gotta get to one of these shows

We ended up getting some cool (literally), tented seats that had a catered lunch. Here's the line for the food

And more line

And even more

Until it ended right in front of us. Forget that! We waited til it died down before we got in line for the mediocre food

Now onto the planes. I don't know what they all are, but I'll try and give some info here and there. Otherwise, enjoy the photos...

These were some WWII Mustangs, the "Texas Flyers" I believe. These were the same guys that flew over some of the parades in Tecumseh

In flight!

Avro Lancaster Mk X

B-2A Stealth bomber, ooo

I love this shot

And this shot, finally getting some feel for the 3D of the bomber

This thing was smooth as silk

This was a flight of one of the massive C-130's

The rear cargo hatch was open on this fly by

And now the next level, the jets. Here's the F-16 Fighting Falcon. The power of this thing is amazing

The Fighting Falcon in flight! (with awesome high-speed pass action)

This is the "Heritage Flight" with a WWII Mustang


Here's the British Lancaster in the air

I believe this is a British Spitfire

I'm guessing another Spitfire

The "Victory Flight" with the WWII planes

Here's a Huey for the Vietnam reenactment

And now with it's sister

Here's the O-2 Skymaster, quite a unique design with the dual-tail

Here's a few more shots of the Huey choppers in action

What the hell is that?

It's the awesome B-52 Stratofortress!

Now here's the neat part. I happened to be on the phone with Tara for this one, and a few minutes after I hung up, she heard the massive bomber fly over our house

Back to the jets, F-4D Phantom - holy crap this thing has power

This maneuver is called a "dirty pass" where all flaps and gear are deployed during the fly by

The Phantom hitting the afterburner. Oh. My. God.

And that's it. Now, I gotta apologize, because none of the Blue Angels in-air photos came out. Granted, it was mostly me, because I was so enamored by the actual flight, I wasn't paying much attention to the camera. Anyway, you can always check them out on Youtube :)

And yes, they are totally worth seeing in person, at the actual show

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