Summer Fun 2009
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I'm not kidding, this is Devin's very first crawl, witnessed anyway

The family getting ready for the Memorial Day parade in nearby Tecumseh, MI

Hmm, I think this is Devin's first parade. Look at that little angel

Jared making big plans for grabbing candy

What would the Memorial Day parade be without a flyover or two?

Lenawee county Sheriff

Plymouth Fife and Drum Corps

General Custer (remind me again why we idolize this guy)

Civil war rememberance

General Patton from WWII

More flyovers!

Wouldn't be a parade without fire engines. At least they didn't blow their horns, much

Even more planes!

So Milan had an open house at the fire station, and you could check out some of the equipment, so we decided to pop over

They even had a helicopter that the sheriff let Jared sit in

Thumb's up!

Thumb's up!

Exterior view of Jared in front of the chopper

This was also cool, the Life Flight from the University of Michigan Hospital flew in also and landed right in front of us - how cool is that?

We could check that one out also

Thumb's up!

Thumb's up!

And in a final shot, here we are back at home and I was able to tag the Life Flight chopper flying by, on its way back to the hospital

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