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Daddy and his big boy finishing up a cool woodworking project for Fairchild Junction

A cabinet for storing the engines for the ceiling train!

It's a simple design made with beautiful walnut wood, plus it keps the dust of them engines

A picture of the Tropicana Orange Juice reefer (refrigerated) car, which is the coolest operating car I have

Press the button, and a guy opens the door, while another guy unloads little crates of oranges

Action shot!

All crates unloaded

Now, I didn't mean coolest just as "neatest," because this thing has another feature. It's kinda hard to see in the photo, but this car has an internal smoke generator, which gives the effect of billowing frost as the door swings open. Who thinks up these things?

Operating log flat car

Dumping! It's pretty cool because it doesn't just flip over to dump. It has a motor that slowly tips it over and even shakes it one time to get all the logs out before slowly resetting itself. Also, as it's dumping, the side fence tips down to let the load fall out more cleanly

A secret look behind the scenes at the electronics

Operating gondola

Filled with a load

Dumping! (same basic operation as the log car)

Operating rotary snow plow

Plowing, with interior illumination and headlight!

Operating hopper car

Unloading! It basically has a motor inside that pulls down the rubber coal load that makes it look as if it's unloading the coal through the bottom

Operating helicopter car. Press the button to spin up the helicopter to speed, then let go and the copter flies up about six feet then lands. Very cute

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