Sound Clips

Here are some audio clips to compliment the photos
Click on the little cassette tape to play each one
(This is what we used to record them)

Bye bye (109k) play clip
Bye bye yay! (111k) play clip
Basic footware (182k) play clip
I love you (90k) play clip
Jared stage-announcing Mama (139k) play clip
Oh no! (92k) play clip
Lots of words (447k) play clip
More words (377k) play clip
Even more words. What a vocabulary! (660k) play clip
How old are you? (85k) play clip
The boy loves faking sneezes (196k) play clip
Some of Jared's favorite animals (449k) play clip
Even more animals (487k) play clip
Yay! (52k) play clip
He's saying "book" and "fish" but they sure sound like something else (103k) play clip

Jared reciting some animal sounds (385k) play clip
Jared telling Daddy where his belly is (192k) play clip
Our son saying the words we love the most (161k) play clip
Jared shares some of his own favorite words (199k) play clip
Jared coming and going (172k) play clip
One of Jared's favorite foods (116k) play clip
Uh oh! (70k) play clip

Mama outside the window at night, talking to her boy (347k) play clip

We made these recordings using an Olympus WS-320M digital voice recorder. It has 1GB flash memory on board which gives it a whole mess of room to store files. It can hold about 277 hours of low-grade voice and about 50 hours of high-def. Also, it's an MP3 player, that sounds very good. If you're thinking of getting a small MP3 player, you should consider this and get yourself a high-quality digital voice recorder at the same time. It takes one AA battery (we use rechargeables) and plugs directly into your computer's USB port for instant file upload/download. Heck, that makes it a 1GB removable thumb drive also.

And the best thing about this little gadget? Not only does the unit come with binaural microphone support (via jack) to get true stereo sound, it also has one built right in. This is how the recordings above capture that richer sound quality, because it's true stereo. Anyway, I'm surprised this thing isn't more mainstream. It's terribly useful and only costs about $100.

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