Salem & Gloucester, MA 2001
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I can't remember the name of the ship, but I'm sure it's cool

I love these old sailing vessels

The Rockmore Drydock. We had lunch there. I'm sure it was lovely

A couple examples of the goofy (themed) stores you'll find in Salem. Y'know, I think we actually ate lunch at that Bella place there and dinner at the other place. Hell if I remember, this was 8 years ago

A couple cool touristy places

Hmm, Myles Standish?

A cool church

And the steeple

The John Ward House. It's a national landmark. He did something important I'm sure

Roger Conant, the first settler of Salem. If you ever wondered where the modern look of a witch comes from, here you go

"I was a means through grace assisting me, to stop the flight of those few that then were here with me, and that by my utter denial to go away with them, who would have gone either for England or mostly for Virginia"

I'm sure it sounded better in 1626

A cool stone gazebo in one of the parks

The Salem Witch Museum

Front view with Tara

And both of us. So yeah, this place was neat, but certainly not for the little ones (imprisonment, torture, execution - the USA sure has a great heritage in some parts). Anyway, I didn't even bother posting the pics from in there because of the aforementioned less-than-family-content

Here's the Morning Glory Inn, the bed & breakfast we stayed at

The House of Seven Gables (re: Nathaniel Hawthorne). God forbid I had the wherewithall to take a picture of all the gables. Nope, you get the side-back one and that's it

Salem harbor

Boats in the harbor

More harbor

A lighthouse at the end of the isthmus jutting into the harbor




Holy crap what was my fascination with the harbor?

Here's a closeup of the lighthouse

And back to the harbor again

There's that ship again

Tara posing in front of the Salem Maritime National Historic Site

So then we popped over to visit Gloucester, mostly because of seeing it in The Perfect Storm. After talking to the lady at the visitor's center, that's a big reason anyone comes here. Nice little town though. It was here we first had lobster rolls - yum

They also have a gazebo. This is a staple in New England cities apparently

Cool view of the water

I think this house is worth a few bucks

Gazebo again

Here's the rock that housed that plaque you saw earlier

And here is us standing on said rock

Looking down on yes, the gazebo!

And then out into the bay

This was kinda neat. The Cape Pond Ice Co. This was featured in the film The Perfect Storm, as seen worn on a tshirt by one of the actors playing a smelly, unkempt deckhand. Nice huh, and yet here I am remembering it as I take a picture of the company's main door. Advertising works!

Thatcher Island, home of the big dump ducks - no kidding

There's the lighthouse on Thatcher Island

Some house

Gloucester's Maritime Museum. This is where we bought our buoy bell here that still hangs in the backyard near the pool today. That's more than you can say about most of the stuff we've purchased on vacations past

A rocky beach

Another rocky beach - actually, the same one


Both of us



And finally another very cool house

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