Our Wedding
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Scott escoting his mother, Ginny to her seat

Matt, best man, escorting Tara's mother, Arden, to her seat

Groomsman and bridesmaid, Matt and Tina Royle

Groomsman and bridesmaid, Jeff and Leeann Thomas

Groomsman and bridesmaid, Chuck Bird and Monica Hennessy

Best Man and Matron of Honor, Matt Tobin and Debbie Bird

Usher Michael Gordon and Ringbearer, Carol

Jack Gordon escorting his lovely daughter to the altar

The mothers lighting their candles from the eternal flame

Scott and Tara lighting their unity candle from their mothers' flame

Exchanging of the wedding vows

Almost there...

You may now kiss the bride!

Scott and Tara with Scott's parents, Travis and Ginny Fairchild

Scott and Tara with Tara's parents, Jack and Arden Gordon

Both sets of parents with the new couple

Scott and Tara with Scott's maternal grandparents, Ralph and Shirley Gray

Scott with the lovely bridesmaids

Tara surrounded by the strapping, young groomsmen

And the entire wedding party. From left to right: Tina Royle (friend), Leeann Thomas (friend), Monica Hennessy (friend), Debbie Bird (sister of groom), The Bride, The Groom, Matt Tobin (friend), Chuck Bird (brother-in-law of groom), Jeff Thomas (friend) and Matt Royle (friend)

And the full wedding party, including Michael and Carol

Tara and Carol, her wonderful, first guide dog

Mr. and Mrs. Scott Fairchild!

Entering the reception

The wedding party table

Matt roasting Scott in the Best Man's speech

The wedding cake

The happy couple enjoying their first cake together

Monica and Bob Noch, and their son Keith and wife Michelle Noch

Jeremy and Jackie Yoder, Meg and Kevin Moore, Clay and DJ Fenstermaker and Dana and Kristy in the front

Donna Thomas, Elizabeth and Ed Tobin and Tara's brother Chris, his wife Cindy and daughter Erin

Ninos and Nikki Olyai (Scott's old boss), Kim Samuel, Ellen and Pat Watts

Betty and Ron Wolford, Sue and Ken Paulson, Ginny Fairchild, Ron Wellbaum and Travis Fairchild

Betsy and Frank Fenti, Dan, guest of Vijay and Vijay Venugopal, Aaron and Sarah Worsham and Leon and Iotis in front

Scott's uncle Bill and aunt Nancy Wilson, grandparents Shirley and Ralph Gray and aunt Carol Gray

The couple's first dance


Scott and his mother Ginny enjoying a dance

Tara and her father Jack dancing together

Tossing of the bouquet

Retrieval of the garter

And the tossing of said garter

The wonderful generosity of our friends and family

Dressing up the car

Here comes the couple, hurry!

Hey, what's going on over there?

How cool!

Bye everyone, off to the honeymoon!

Thank you for visiting our special day!

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