Day out with Thomas
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Jared and Sir Topham Hatt

Devin enjoying some messy pancakes at the Railroader's Breakfast

Devin being Mr. Pouty Puss in front of Thomas

Not quite like thomas, but a cute wooden rocking train nonetheless

In line for the carousel

Who doesn't like a good merry-go-round?

These boys sure do

After an exhausting ride on the carousel, apparently they both need to be pulled in the wagon

Then we all go for a ride in a Model T

Time for our Thomas ride!

Yup, they love it

Jared over a heaping pile of woodchip mulch that we use for some of the rear beds, but mostly for the play structure base

I'm king of the hill mama!

The pile after LOTS of wagonloads

And the rest

Here's Jared sporting his brand new little league outfit, getting ready for the kickoff parade

Little brother is there to cheer him on

And Mama too!

Time for the parade!

Quite the crowd for the kickoff at the parade's end

A lone balloon escapes!

Jared posing for his picture

And now with his team

The team getting talked to by the coach

Jared playing left field

And closer of our little outfielder

Jared up to bat

Swing and a miss!

Back home, we had another set of visitors in the pergola

Of course, like all things, that eventually ended also

The boys enjoying a cool summer treat from the ice cream man

Now on to sad news, out wonderful kitty Tequila developed an embolism that severely restricted the use of her back legs. The poor thing had was dragging herself around, but unfortunately, there's nothing that could have been done, so it was time for her to pass on :(

We decided to wait one day and while she was on pain meds feeling wonderful, we spend lots of time loving on her

The little girl still could get around a little, so we let her hang out in the cool summer grass

Even worse, and I never did mention I don't think, but our other kitty, Kahlua, he disappeared a few months back. He was just gone one day and we never found him, nor even figured out how he got away. So basically within about eight months, we lost all three of our beloved animals.

Maybelle, Kahlua and Tequila, we love you and miss you so much. Thank you for making our lives happier!

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