Spring Fun 2011
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Technically two teeth, as you can see on our lovely model

This spring, I took a trip to California for work, while there I stopped at the Winchester house

The rental car. You gotta live a little right?

The entire estate is very well kept

and the house is huge

The trellis area

The front lawn

The pergola, with a monstrous wisteria

Here's a few shots of the Pacific

And the hotel. Not often I stay at a hotel with palm trees.

The boys coloring their easter eggs

Jared's such a ham when it comes to pictures, he's awesome

This year we got some cool metallic colors

Jared putting the finishing touches on one

The boys and their pretty decorated eggs

On the egg hunt, the boys found all sorts of goodies

Including their easter baskets!

With Legos, bubbles and other goodies


More bubbles!

We went up to Lansing to spend some time with the family there

The cousins finding some eggs in the yard

The little D dressing up like a bunny

Hey, who's that?

Why it's the Easter Jared!

Devin and Cousin Samantha chilling out after the day's activities

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