Year's End 2010 and Year's Beginning 2011
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Jared's Kindergarten class at halloween

There's our mummy

All around the track

The boys getting ready for some heavy duty trick or treating

Our wonderful little vampire, just like his big brother was...

...a few years ago

One more shot before heading out

Spooky Jack O' Lanterns


Our littlest, looking cute


Devin up in Lansing at Zap Zone for Cousing Ethan's 7th birthday party

Jared enjoying pizza with the boys

And there's the birthday boy

Ethan and Jared posing

Devin fascinated by skee-ball

Devin, you gotta move!

No way Daddy, I gotta "help" put the balls in the holes

Devin with Cousin Samantha ready for some quarterbacking

Devin crashed back home in the big recliner

The boys getting ready to do...I have no idea what

Thanksgiving 2011, look at all the pictures!

Devin saying hi to Tequila

The Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra puts on a kids Christmas sing-a-long at a church downtown

With a huge tree

And of course, Santa!

The boys singing, well, they were singing before I snapped the shot

Jared asking for Legos I'm sure

And more Christmas with a trip to Bronners in Frankenmuth

Jared decked out in today's coolest snowman attire

Santa again! Hey, he looks different. Devin almost bailed on this one, as you can mostly see.

This would be the secondary South entrance to Bronners. Exciting huh?

Our boys sittin n spinnin

Decorating a gingerbread train for the holidays, sneaking some decorations when Daddy's not looking

Yummy cookies about to be baked for Santa

Christmas morning!

Here Daddy, this is for you

Devin jammin!

Look reinderr tracks!

The cousins came down from Lansing to visit for Xmas

visiting Great Grandma in Wisconsin over the New Year

The clan posing for a picture in the living room (hey, it's cold outside)

Jared's 6th birthday! (the home version)

And now the public version, at Jared's favorite restaurant, McDonald's

Happy birthday bear!

This was a card the boys made for Grandma Ginny when she went in for some surgery

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