2010 Michigan Renaissance Festival
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Here we have Queen Elizabeth Gloriana arriving to open the festivities

With the resident gatekeepers giving her a bit of guff

Devin is ready for an exciting day

Both boys were, lots to see, do and eat

The amazing Zucchini Brothers

They do juggling and all kinds of jokes

It's a pretty good show, and I think my favorite of the festival

Watch that fire boys!

Here we are getting a (signed) copy of a children's book one of the brothers wrote

Jared traversing the life-size maze

And here's the maze champion ringing the bell to signify he made it to the secret tower

The reward? A pretty cool slide down

Jared strapping in for a wild ride

Whee! Lot at me Daddy! This bungee jumping was a really fun activity.

Jared had a great time. When he was smaller, he was too little to ride but now he can

Now Devin has to look on wistfully until he gets a bit bigger

The merchant parade

Complete with cool characters

And finally the queen makes her appearance

This year they had a traveling aviary where you can hold and feed some cool birds

Jared enjoying a couple feathered friends

This is cool, look Mama, the bird is eating out of my hand!

Mama getting in on the fun also

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