Summer Fun 2010
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Here's the Lansing contingent down for some BBQ

Here's a couch shot of the family. Where's Grandma Ginny?

So we took a trip out East this summer, and I don't have a ton of pics, but here's one riding the Strasburg Railroad in Lancaster, PA. Nice and dry in the coach here, but it was heavily pouring all day, so no pics of the engine

We did visit the Pennsylvania Railroad Museum while there

Lots of PRR goodies to see

I'll let the rest of the pics of these beautiful engines speak for themselves

Hmm, now this one looks familiar

She's not the exact same one, but she's pretty much the same model and an even bigger monster in life - very impressive to be near

While in Lancaster, we took ourselves an Amish buggy ride, very nice. Our driver was one who chose not to stay "within the fold" so he was relatively forthcoming with Amish information. A very shy and fascinating people are they

The boys with a friend they met on the buggy ride

Dutch Wonderland, another place to visit in Lancaster. It's a really cool amusement park designed specifically for kids

As for the youngin's, just look at those smiles

Here are the boys on the flying panda beehive ride (I don't get it either, but it was fun)

Jared doin' some monster truckin'

Duke, the dragon mascot of Dutch Wonderland hanging out with Jared. Devin was a little to skittish for a pic with him

Mama and Jared riding the sky ride

Devin (mostly) riding the hand-crank trains

Jared loved these things. He remembered the same thing back when we visited the Wild West town in Illinois a couple years ago

There he goes!

Later, Daddy and Jared took a ride on the sky ride. Hi Mama! Hi Devin!

A quick family shot at Aunt Geri and Uncle Howard's place out in Delaware. It's really nice to see most of the family when we're out there, though wish it could have been a longer visit. We stayed with Aunt Teresa and Uncle Jimmy (both just below Mama and Devin) and had a great time. Thanks guys!

I wanted to give a shot of one of Aunt Geri's watercolors. She's really awesome at these and this one really stood out for me. It's a shot of Rehoboth Beach right at the end of Rehoboth Avenue with historic Dolles salt water taffy in the back

Later on, here's me trying to recreate the shot in real time, with a guest appearance by Jared no less

And now us visiting the actual beach

Devin's first dip in the Atlantic (though he wasn't so thrilled). Jared, however, wow, no fear in that kid with him diving into waves and always wanting to go out further. He's our future swim team captain

A final shot of the family on the boardwalk. Bye!

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