Jared's Preschool Graduation
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Here's the graduate now, getting ready for the big event

It was a quick, quaint ceremony, which is about all you can expect with little ones

Devin waiting to cheer on his big brother

"I'm very excited"

The preschool director, Mrs. Mellinger making a speech

And here come the graduates (Jared is 3rd from the left)

And of course, he spent the whole time craning his neck to see us

Jared standing in the pre-line, behaving very well

The big boy getting his diploma from his teachers

And a big hug from Mrs. Mellinger (Miss Lisa when off the clock)

The whole group lines up for a shot and applause. This was all the preschool classes at once, so don't think Jared had 60 kids in his class

Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Travis came down to see their graduating grandson

Then Jared went with them to visit in Lansing for a couple days. We're so proud of our little boy, now we have to wave goodbye

When we ended up picking up Jared, we stopped at Potter Park Zoo in Lansing

Checking out a couple wolves...

...lounging peacefully in the warm sun

How's that for a great bald eagle shot?

It's an antelope, but I can't remember what specific kind

With an ostrich, Devin loved the ostrich

A lazy tortise, also enjoying the warm sunlight

Mr. Peacock hanging out on the pergola

One meerkat...

Two meerkat

Three meerkat, four...


Mr. Peacock has moved to the grassy knoll

Jared getting set for a camel ride!

"Uh, I don't know about this Daddy"

He sure caught on by the end

They had a nice exhibit with australian parakeets, an enclosed mini-aviary that you could enter.

They gave you food sticks (ok, well, you bought food sticks) for the birds to enjoy

Even D got into the fun

Look Mama, birdie


Here are our boys celebrating what we like to call Boy's Day. With neither of their birthdays in the summer, we grab a day in June and call it Boy's Day. They get a couple small gifts and then we go out and do something special with the family

Jared with his brand new pillow pet

Bye everyone!

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