Daddy's First Father's Day
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Aerial view of Jared playing with his activity gym thingy.

And a side view. He LOVES to kick those legs. I bet we could power the house if we hooked up a generator to those things

Here's Mama with Jared in his first trip to Bronner's Christmas Wonderland in Frankenmuth. It's the world's largest Christmas store and also one of Daddy's favorite places

And here's the whole family

Mid-day nap time for the big boy

Here's Jared in his new (but still too big) ball cap. And what's on the cap you ask...?

Michigan State of course!

Here's a wet naked baby wrapped in a towel after a nice bath

Somebody found his feet!

And now the obligatory baby-in-the-buff shot. A few days prior to this picture, Jared rolled over from his stomach to his back for the first time - woo!

Jared reading a book, or eating it, one of the two

Jared and Cousin Ethan on Father's Day

Jared in his excersaucer that Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck let him borrow. He really seems to love it

And here's a final shot of Daddy's first Father's Day. The boy exhausted himself and finally decided that it's time to crash

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