Spring Fun 2010 Part 3
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Visiting the family up in Lansing, the boys with cousins Samantha and Ethan

Adding Aunt Debbie, Mama and Grandma into the mix

Samantha and Devin squaring off for a race

Here's Ethana nd Jared running one way while Samantha and Devin take off elsewhere

Back home, this year we added in some new birch trees to the backyard. Some nice new river birches - Daddy's favorite

That whole area will be covered in woodchips next year and we'll have our own little tranquility copse. Also, we planted some raspberries which actually turned in a pretty good crop this year

And here we have new hosueguests, a family of robins, their baby here is just learning to fly

Mama and Daddy robin look on, watching that guy with the camera very carefully

Here I go with another try!

Oops, diodn't quite make that one

So close yet so far

Now we switch over to farm night at Paddock Elementary, and Jared saying hi to a nice goat

They do this every year, bringing in a local petting zoo for the kids to experience the animals

Jared petting a nice fawn

Devin wanted to hang back a bit from the animals. He needs a few more pounds on him before he'll be comfortable I think

Hmm, I don't know about this Mama

Jared feeding the nice pony some yummy corn

Flanders Elementary you say? Well, this was Daddy's grade school back in Farmington. Unfortunately, and quite stupidly (it's been beautiful refurbished), it's being closed due to funding problems and whatnot. They had an alumni night which we visited and met some folks I haven't seen for decades. Very sad actually

Here's my boy, sitting outside Daddy's school, which is no more

Now we move to Tecumseh's Memorial Day parade, with my patriotic little D leading the charge

Both my boys love their flags

We always love Tecumseh's parade because they have lots of flyovers


The local marching bank

The fife and drum corps out of Plymouth

And the mounted sherrif brigade

Crowd control!

And of course, the awesomely huge fire engines get the boys' engines running

Oh no, are they gonna blow their horns Daddy?

More fire engines

Like I said, cool flyovers

This time a couple of A-10 Thunderbolts. Now those things can provide some crowd control!

And some old timey bicycles close out 2010's parade.

Happy memorial day!

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