Spring Fun 2010 Part 2
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Here's our big boy, riding in his Trike-A-Thon. Thank you SO much for those that gave

The kids had to ride along the course, making sure to follow the rules of the road

Even Clifford showed up to give some moral support

Here's Jared racing around an open bend

Jared giving his friend Clifford a great big Jared-hug

Uh oh, traffic jam forming

Looks like thr traffic is thinning out

Jared racing to finish his laps

All the other kids bailed out early (hey, they are 5 and under), but our little boy wanted to make sure he finished

And finish he did, jood job son!

As a reward, we got him his very first Lego set, which (not surprisingly) he just loves. Oh, if he only knew what Daddy had in the basement

What's this? Why it's our littlest boy's crib. time to take the next step Devin

A big boy bed!

Devin's first bed!

Yay, I'm a big boy now! *bounce* *bounce* *bounce*

Plop! I love it Daddy

I can't wait to sleep in it. As you may recall, Devin got out of his crib WAY sooner than Jared did, so we really didn't have a choice

Big brother enjoying some bounces too. What is it with kids and bouncing on everything?

Our littlest enjoying his first night in his brand new bed

Now we switch gears and headed out the Greenfield Village to enjoy a Day out with Thomas!

First we get to enjoy a yummy engineer's breakfast at the Taste of History cafe

It's a very nice place they have at the village, with very nice decor and really good food

As part of the day, they had some pickers singing us some kiddie hobo music

And here we are, ready to board. This is Devin's first time riding Thomas

Of course Jared is a veteran of many a Thomas ride. He's still super excited though

Devin's first ride on Thomas!

Off we go, racing round the bends!

A later shot of Thomas waiting at the station for his next load of passengers

And of course, the carousel, with Jared on his favorite carousel animal

Devin sure enjoys it also

You bet I do Daddy!

We got to watch some period actors shearing a sheep using authentic 1800's tools

Thomas continued to circle the village while we went exploring around the buildings

Alas no, Thomas doesn't cross the covered bridge (wow I love this shot)

That bridge is just for wagons and feet (I love this shot too)

Jared, Devin, Thomas and Horses!

As always, in the pond under the bridge were tons of turtles, goldfish and frogs

Jared sneaking in another shot in front of his favorite Train

Devin ready to begin his driving lessons

Ok son, let's back out. Time to go home after a really fun day with Thomas!

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