Winter Fun 2010
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Devin doing some chores around the house

Just before the year's end, Jared and Daddy took a trip down to the Toledo Zoo, where we caught a glimpse of the elusive Snow Leopard

Jared outside the Primate Forest

Jared and Daddy. It was a little cold and a bit snowy, but still a fun visit

Speaking of, when's the best time to visit the zoo? When it's a little cold and a bit snowy

So yeah, Jared got a cool present for Christmas, a tube filled with beads that you shake, turn and rattle to find various things in, including the special token, which is supposed to be really difficult to locate. Anyway, thar be it!

Devin cuddling up in his puppy bath towel from Grandma Ginny and Grandpa Travis, matching big brothers froggy towel

Where's a cool place to visit around Ann Arbor? The Matthaei Botanical Gardens. Here we see Jared enjoying some goldfish swimming in the pond

Jared and Mama enjoying all the exotic plants

The boys enjoying some quiet time amongst the ferns

Daddy and Jared making some snowflakes

Ta da!

What's this Jared is peering into?

Why it's a cool kaleidoscope

Very pretty

Near the back there's a koi pond also

Check out the leaves on this thing

Mama and Jared resting on a bench amongst the beautiful flowers

Here we have a couple bonsai trees

Very nice

A neat metal sculpture of a lizard back near the cactus room

And now, the cactus room!

Complete with lots of sharp, painful, prickly, don't you dare touch cacti! By the way, see anything interesting in this picture?

There he is!

Look at the size of those things

Looking down on the bonsai tree copse from the overlook walkway

Peering down one of the heavier fern paths

Devin taking in all the wonders of this beautiful place

Jared and Daddy took off down the outdoor paths

We didn't go too far, it was pretty cold, but Jared wanted to check some out

Jared watching the rivery flow by peacefully

Check it out, a beaver!

Here's a shot of him swimming just before he dove into his den. Jared's never seen a live one before. Heck, I don't know if I have either

Watching a few ducks enjoying the peace and quiet

I guess even in the winter there's food to be had in the river

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