Fall Fun 2009 Part 2
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With all the toys he has, the littlest one loves climbing chairs best

Devin in another of his hiding spots, one that is going away soon

Here's Jared at Impressions 5 Science Center in Lansing, up visiting for Cousin Ethan's birthday party

Ethan breaking into the gifts

Jared up giving Ethan his gift. Apparently Bakugan is the thing to get this year, as I think Ethan got fifty of them

Here's Daddy's latest project, can you guess what it is?

Well, it's cabinets, that's obvious

Some glued wood for what will be a couple corbels...

...which will be used (as you can see here) to hold up an overhanging counter

Adding a finish kickplate strip to the bottom

Construction complete!

It's a brand new island for the kitchen

Now for the finishing, first the main unit

Then the doors and drawer fronts

Ok, time to split the unit for transport upstairs (it's heavy!)

There's the old island that is going away. It served its purpose, but I wanted something a bit more substantial

Woah daddy, you put a hole in Mama's floor!

Let's see what's down there

Jared helping feed some electrical wire through the hole for the outlet sockets in the island

Placed and secured to the floor

Side panel installed and the base is done

All set for Devin to drop tons of toys in and play around on

Ok, I like this Daddy (until Daddy installs baby catches, that is)

And here's the final touch, a solid granite countertop

That thing (the granite) was about 400lbs, which is nearly unbelievable to move around. It took 5 guys for us to get it out of the minivan, up the stairs and carefully put on top. That island ain't going anywhere

a final shot of the new island

Devin says fine, if you lock those doors off, I'll just play over here


A couple boys relaxing after all that work

With Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild leaving for Florida, they will (again) miss Jared's birthday party. They made it up for him though by having an "almost" 5 birthday mini-party

Smiling at clothes, the boy is a better man than me, heh

Cousins Ethan and Samantha helping out with the gifts

Ooo, Matchbox cars, emergency vehicles too, cool

Back home, here's Daddy with the 2009 Thanksgiving bird

Here's the table all ready for food

Happy Thanksgiving!

And here we are visiting nearby Matthes Evergreen farm, on the hunt for a Christmas tree

Devin enjoying his backpack carrier. He was such a good baby all day long

Here's a pre-cut potential candidate, but we decided to pass and go cut a fresh one

Jared disappearing into the canaan firs field

We decided on a nice white pine - weaker branches, but really soft, long needles taking Devin into consideration

Here are the boys visiting with Santa for the first time this year

They also had pony rides, as you see Jared anxiously awaiting his turn

Ok, here we go

I want a pony now Daddy

Just like this one, good pony

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