Halloween 2009
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Devin wrestling with his other "brother" Kahlua

A massive flock of geese that flew over one day, freaky in a "The Birds" kinda way

Jared, our little fireman, all set to go trick-or-treating in Milan's downtown event (day before Halloween)

And the line! It wasn't so bad though, and moved pretty quick

Check out these cute kids dressed up as Thing 1 and Thing 2

Ready for more candy Daddy!

Devin, whenever he finds the tray off his highchair, scampers up and goes wild

Jared helping Daddy with the pumpkin carving

And here's our little pumpkin!

Jared, Mr. Skelebones ready to head out for some Halloween fun and candy!

This year's pumpkins


So we didn't make it to Cedar Point becaus of the rain a few weeks back, so we had a chance to make it the last day they were open. It was going to be a nice day so we went for it

Riding the sky ride cable cars

All decked out for "Halloweekends," here's a little hay maze for the kids near Raptor

Speaking of Raptor...

Jared waiting for the Cedar Point & Lake Erie Railroad

There she is, good old #22

Very cool steam trains, just like the ones at Greenfield village

On the train now, heading to the rear of the park

That caboose crew looks like they've been there quite a while

Jared posing in front of some skeleton pioneers

Daddy and his big boy posing in front of the Maverik roller coaster

Here we are about to ride on the Woodstock Express coaster. It's a kiddie one, but still pretty good

Jared fighting in the sky with snoopy and the Red Baron

Hey there daddy, I'm flying!

Now the swinger

Woah, I'm getting dizzy

And the balloon race

Finally Jared racing on the Nascar Speedway

With a date no less!

Jared stopping for a pose with who else but Snoopy!

Jared going solo on the Woodstock Express

In the engine no less!

Hey Daddy!

That was fun, now let me try a rear seat

Both are pretty cool Daddy

Jared buckling in for a rid on the Frog Hopper


More pumpkins here too Daddy

Here's Jared exploring the hay maze that we saw earlier from the air

Y'know, those colonials had some good ideas after all

Jared near the "Fright Zone" Sure is brave during the day isn't he?

I love Cedar Point Daddy!

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