Devin's First Birthday!
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That's right, time for our littlest one to be 1 year old!

Devin enjoying his first birthday cake with just the family. What better first cake for our little pumpkin than pumpkin pie!


Jared ready to dive into Devin's gifts

Look little brother, a brand new toy helicopter

Devin enjoying the silo of his new farm playset

Well hello there!

Jared and Daddy visiting Greenfield Village for the last time this year (maybe)

Passing by the Suwanee riverboat, which unfortunately hasn't operated for a long time (expenses are pretty high)

And, like most things there that weekend, it was all decked out for Halloween

Some geese coming in for a landing on the Suwanee river

Another shot of Jared near the river

800 hand-carved pumpkins for the Halloween festivities that weekend. We didn't get a chance to go at night, so we enjoyed the decorations in the day, which was still pretty cool

Hello geese

More pumpkins lining the streets, with Jared ready to board the train

There he goes, past the plantation cornfields ready to board the train

And of course, gotta ride the carousel, on the famous frog no less!

Ding ding! Jared got to ring the bell letting everyone know it's safe to get off

More pumpkins!

Ooooo, sleepy hollow, where (if it were night) the boy would never be going in those woods

At the Henry Ford Museum they had a cool Lego Castle display

Very impressive constructions

Very cool, check out that dragon

And that knight

They even let the kids play-joust, very fun

Back home, here we have Devin again in his favorite hiding spot

Here we have some decorations up for little D's 1st birthday!

Jared lounging in the midst of the pre-party setup

Daddy, I want some hot dogs!

The birthday cake for our little pumpkin

Grandma Ginny feeding the birthday boy a cheese puff

He likey

Presents for our littlest one

Friends and family visiting

Enjoying some yummy food

Also enjoying some good company

Our neighbor Reese and Cousin Samantha playing in the playroom

And here's a gaggle of friends playing in the "secret room"

Grandpa Travis trying to handle the kids

Daddy getting some of the food organized

Devin pensively waiting for his cake

Happy Birthday Devin!

Woah! Is all that cake for me?

Here's the family posing for a shot

Ok, let's dig into that cake

Grandma prepping the baby boy

Here you go Devin

Yum, that's good Daddy, but I want even more!

Messy boy

Now I'm going to try and make an even bigger mess Mama

Uncle chuck serving up some cake

Friends enjoying the yummy dessert

The adults too!

Here's our friend Bruce dishing up ice cream for everyone

Here's the family helping Devin with his gifts

Did someone say gifts!?!?

Cool, a floating tugboat

Daddy reading a card to the boy

Hey, my very own mailbox Mama!

And finally, we have Devin being buried by wrapping paper and gifts. Happy Birthday Son!

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