Fall Fun 2009
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This fall we decided to take a trip down to Cedar Point and not only stay at a hotel (to make the drive easier) but also to stay at a Great Wolf Lodge

It's the down season, so they upgraded the room to a suite - sweet

The hotel was very cool and the staff was very nice

Nice separate room with a door

Devin exploring his new domain

Don't worry, he made it onto the couch

Hey, I like it daddy!

And this is the main reason people stay here, a huge indoor waterpark! 6 decent slides, pools, hot tubs, baby pool, massive fort, it's so very cool

It also has a huge cool clock in the lobby

The clock even comes animitronically alive at 8pm for story time for the kids. They can come down in their PJ's and after the clock show, a staff member reads a story from a book.

Devin seriously enjoying the show

While down there in Sandusky (OH), Jared and I zipped over to a nice little model railroad display

Very big

Very impressive

Here's the big boy passed out from a big day

Mama and D enjoying some time in the baby pool

Hey Daddy, come on in, the water's great!

Can I go again Daddy? I want to go on the BIG slide now!

The family enjoying the baby pool complete with dumping buckets

Jared getting himself a souvenier for the trip

His own, brand new stuffed wolf

Lovingly named Wolfie, he now joins the cornucopia of stuffed buddies Jared share his bed with.

Overall, we didn't make it to Cedar Point, but it was amazing, we didn't even leave the hotel (except to eat or go get food to eat) the entire visit. There's so much to do with the waterpark, the craft and play rooms and the huge arcade. I highly recommend Great Wolf

Look what we have here, Devin taking his first steps!

Ok, that's tiring Daddy, I'll just sit here for a bit

The open dishwasher is a magnet for our littlest one. The moment it opens, bam! He's there

Hmm, what could Jared be doing on the side of these train tracks?

We missed her in Milan, but were able to catch the Berkshire 765 on her way back home at the nearby Cone Rd crossing (we had to race a bit, but we made it)

Almost there, again being assisted by the Norfork Southern diesel

And there she goes!

Devin enjoying one of his favorite hiding places

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