Summer Fun 2009 Part 5
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A couple seagulls hanging out on the house one bright, sunny morning

Much better were the 6 hawks resting on an old barn silo one day when I didn't have a camera. That photograph is my white whale. anyway, Jared still got a kick out of the seagulls

The boys having some fun in the kitchen

Our littlest is so close to walking now

Hey D!

Don't bump your head on the table little man

Hey everybody!

Our wonderful boys enjoying a nice late-summer day on their porch bench

Visiting Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck's cabin, here we see Jared and cousin Samantha ready to get underway on the boat

Aunt Debbie and cousin Ethan up to speed

It was a little chilly, but what a perfect northwoods evening

Jared taking a hand at fishing for the first time

Wait, I feel something...

Jared catches a fish on his first trip fishing!
No records here with this little marlin, but how bout that for my boy?
Btw, did it just get dark?

Devin and Mama getting ready for a trip on the boat the next morning

Gots to protect da baby!

Jared and Ethan disembark onto the sandbar, toys at the ready

Hey everyone!

Devin and Samantha playing ham for the camera

And without fail, little D grabs for the nearest electronic device he can

Jared and Ethan hanging out in the water

More lake fun

Chuck and Ethan wander down the beach a bit

A couple more years D, then you can head out there too

Jared and Ethan heading out to open water. Just kidding, it's still right near the beach

More water fun

On the way home we stopped at Junction Valley Railroad near Frankenmuth. We didn't even know this place existed

As you can see, it's a rideable-scale railroad that goes through a few acres of adventure

Mama and the boys getting ready in the hopper car

Daddy and the bear ready to get this train started

It was pretty cool, but I have to say, everything in this place needed a new coat of paint

There's the "lake" filled with "water" that the train circles around

Halfway through the trip, the train stops so you can get out and play a bit or just grab some snacks... we see Jared about to partake

Here's a shot of the playground. Like I said, everything needs a bit of cleaning and some paint, but the price was reasonable and the boys sure had fun

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