The Toledo Zoo
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The zoo entry walkway spanning Anthony Wayne Trail

The main entrance arch with a very cute little boy posing. Note, this page encompasses a couple visits to the zoo. Not unlike with The Henry Ford, we have a membership which allows us all the visits we want

Jared checking out some seals dancing in the water

Our big boy hanging out in a cave. What's in that cave you say?

Why it's a polar bear!

The boys hanging out along the African savannah

And here we see (in my opinion) the two coolest animals in the area too, the zebras and giraffes

Quick video of the giraffes and the safari train too

Inside the zoo aviary, lots of birds

Like most aviaries, many rooms are wide open, meaning the birds are flying around free, within touching distance at times

I'm not even going to bother trying to identify these things, just enjoy the pretty birds

Jared enjoying his time amongst the birds

Here's a cute little bird with its own tiny nest on the wall


Jared checking out a silverback gorilla. Pretty brave for a kid, even with a thick pane of glass

Jared riding a more "tame" gorilla

The zoo has a ton of beautiful landscaping, including this small water garden

Inside the arboretum - very hot in here

Jared playing with some ducks in the pond outside the arboretum

Devin reminding us that he's around, but a little more immobile in his stroller - and grabbing for the camera

In the reptile house, here's a Chinese alligator. It's only about 2 feet long

Jared with a diamondback rattler

Some of the snakes are very colorful

And beautiful

Here's a full-size cousin to the alligator above, the river crocodile. No, I didn't get too close for this picture

check out this snake, plus you can see his old skin

I believe this is a komodo dragon

Devin happy with all the wild duckies in the zoo

Here we go, one of the coolest animals, the elephants

This area will be the new elephant habitat this fall

More construction

My personal favorite big game animal, the rhinoceros

Jared's current favorite, the meerkat

Look Daddy, Timone!

They were pretty playful and social, posing for pictures a lot

Jared riding one of the bronze tigers. I can't believe I didn't get a shot of the real ones. Oh well, next time

This just ruled. Near the entrance they have a habitat for injured bald eagles, how cool is that?

Not a very exciting picture I know, but this was in the waterfowl exhibit. A mother duck was swimming with her babies as they were learning how to swim. It was adorable, trust me

Jared with a friend of his, Erica, riding the gorillas again

My little boy being a flutterby!

Here's a good shot of the African safari train engine. It's beautiful, but they cheated a bit (it's diesel)

Wildlife on the savannah

Some vultures

Now some vultures and a boy

Along the way they give you a tour and all that. Here they describe that leopards hide their kills in trees sometimes to save them for later

More wildlife

Even more - zebras, giraffes, gnus's, greater kudu

And some impalas too. No, the croc isn't real

Jared enjoying the hippo on the safari carousel

The reptile house had a few animals you could check out and touch, like this lizard

And this tiny snake

Jared checking out the snake

The zoo opened up this new area called Nature's Neighborhood, which is focused on the kids. It's very cool, and filled with lots of points of kiddie interest like this wading river. I promise next time I'll get more pics of the overall compound

As close as I ever want to get to one of the spiders in the bugs exhibit. This thing was the size of a CD!

Jared and Erica posing on the tigers again just before we left

And a final shot leaving the zoo, returning across the walkway you saw in the first picture

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