Day out with Thomas 2009
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Before we dive into Jared's Day out with Thomas, here is some Devin cuteness

Jared exploring Greenfield Village a bit before heading over to meet Thomas

Yeah, he's super excited about this. He wouldn't stop talking about it for days beforehand

The crowd anxiously awaiting Thomas - wait, I think I see him!

There he is!

Allright, time to board Thomas and have a fun trip around the village

Jared passing the time as we waited for the rest of the passengers to board

Donning his cool Thomas shades no less

Jared giving the thumb's up to the happy onlookers waiting for their turn to ride

After the ride, we got a shot of Thomas resting from inside the train station

And like clockwork, there goes the boy making a bee-line straight to the carousel

Oh yeah Daddy, I love riding the carousel

Jared sporting his fancy new tattoo of Rosie the pink engine


It's amazing the power of bubbles to entertain kids

Inside one of the activity tents they had a big Lego thomas as you can see

Hey folks, look at me, I'm the engineer!

Here we see Thomas crossing the fields in front of the Firestone farmhouse

And now crossing the main village gate

And another shot, this time in front of the windmill at the Henry Ford birthplace (I love this picture)

Before we left, of course we had to ride a carriage or two. Here we are just starting the trip up main street in the big horse-drawn hay wagon

Back home we have Devin enjoying his bounceroo

Devin gearing up for his first solid(ish) food

Tasteless, bland, mushy rice cereal - how yummy!

Here we go, will he swallow or will he hurl?

Oh yeah, that's the stuff Daddy

Well, I think he like...son, I need the spoon back

Ahhh, that's yummy Daddy

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