Cousin Samantha's 8th Birthday
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Devin giggles

Impression 5 Science Center in Lansing, a very cool hands-on place for kids and site of Cousin Samantha's 8th birthday party

Here's the party room with lights! Funny because when we got there, a big storm had gone through and knocked out the power for some of the party. Not to fear, it came back on and all the kids had a great time

Birthday cookie!

There's the birthday girl now

Lots of exhibits

And tons of things for the kids to do

Here's Jared watching Grandpa Travis maneuver a replica moon rover

Jared playing with the tennis ball catapult

Jared in a monster eyeball display

And now Jared moves intto the chest, traveling out the heart through the aorta

Samantha and her friends "camping" around the "campfire." The theme of the party was "Camp Rock" which is a Disney thing I have no knowledge of whatsoever

Jared getting in on the discussion of bugs and germs

The kids got to hand-craft some germs, very fun in a weird sort of way heh

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Samantha...

Daddy hanging back with Little D, enjoying the party


Samantha checking out all the gifts

Jared helping out his cousin with some of the presents

Samantha opening one of our gifts, The Last Unicorn DVD (Daddy loved this one as a kid - still do)

Happy birthday cousin

After the party, a few of us headed out to DeLuca's, an italian restaurant in Lansing that we've gone to occasionally for sheesh, about 20 years now I think. Smartly, we gave the kids a table all to themselves

And the rest of the group

Grandma Ginny tickling her littled grandson

DeLuca's in motion!

Jared posing with Grandpa Travis and Grandma Ginny for the goodbye shot

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