Easter 2009
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Devin enjoying his foot

More foot-eating action

Here's what we refer to as a BITA baby, which stands for Butt In The Air, Devin's favorite way to sleep, just like his big brother did

Hey folks, look at me, I'm in the jungle!

Yes, smallest fan indeed, Go State!

Box 'o D

Jared joining in on the box fun

Who loves his baby brother?

Devin resting for a moment with Jared big brother's bed

Mama holding her littlest one on Easter Morning

Jared on the hunt for some Easter eggs

Found one!

Look Daddy, I found all 12, that's a dozen eggs!

Jared finding his Easter basket

Jared finding Devin's Easter basket

And here's Mama with our littlest bunny Devin

Happy easter folks!

Woah, Jared seemed to sprout ears too

And Mama donning the fuzzy ears

The brothers Fairchild

Jared with one of his Easter gifts, a little bug-catching kit

Our intrepid hunter, stalking bugs. It's still kinda cold, and not too many bugs to be found yet

But, we did find one, a ladybug that you can see in the lower right of the bug-house. Of course, we let her go later on

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