Visiting Lots of Stuff
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Our boys!

Devin passed out coming home from a walk around the neighborhood

Jared happily playing with his Lincoln Logs. At least the logs are still wood

Here is Jared visiting a local Train club with Daddy. It's called Chi Town Union Station in Commerce, MI

It's a huge layout dedicated to replicating the massive trainyards that made Chicago great

It's very unfinished as you can see

Well, the landscaping is certainly unfinished, but the rails are mostly laid down

Yup, my boy loves trains

And here we are on a recent trip to Frankenmuth, visiting Bronner's Christmas Store

Our wonderful boys enjoying the magic

And singing along with the christmas carols in the store

Jared talking to you-know-who on the phone, setting up his gift list for the coming year no doubt

The family in Santa's workshop

Frosty the Jared

Jared with frosty Mama!

In the christmas tree forest, they had a cute little Lion-King-ish display as you can see

Jared and Daddy visiting the Silent Night memorial chapel outside on the grounds

And inside

Now we move on to the Henry Ford Museum where Jared loves to run wild

Our friend Bruce joined the boy and Daddy this time

Yes, you can see a tiny boy beneath the massive 1939 Douglas DC-3

Jared relaxing in front of a sleek 1959 Cadillac Eldorado

And now in front of the vintage signs, not the smallest of which is the 1960 McDonald's Hamburgers sign

Here's Jared and Daddy posing in front of the 1926 Milan (yes, our Milan) Fire Engine

As you can read, Henry Ford gave Milan a brand new engine so he could take the vintage Model T one

Jared with the carriage that once pulled General Tom Thumb, one of P.T. Barnum's greatest attractions

And what would a visit to the Henry Ford Museum be without visiting the monster Allegheny Locomotive?

And here she is head-on

Finally, here we have Jared enjoying what he has found to be his awesome new Vernor's headgear

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