Baby's First Christmas
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Images of the season, how peaceful

It's just not Christmas without a train running around the tree. Jared has dubbed this the Jared and Devin Express

I love this picture of my little boy in this obstinate pose. How adorable

Kahlua & Maybelle going at it with some pre-Christmas playtime

Jared was sick for a little while in December. For a boy who refuses to take naps anymore, here's a shot of him passed out in the chair one afternoon

And here's a shot of Devin lounging on the couch

So yeah, remember that tree that we didn't pick that had a mantid nest in it? Turns out Jared found one in our tree too! Daddy detached it and put it in the yard. They are great for landscaping, but I didn't really want a thousand baby mantids running around the house

Here's Jared hugging his cousin Samantha when we visited just before Christmas.

Opening gifts! Poor Ethan got sick and had to be rushed to the ER, but he's ok now. While they were gone, we moved forward with the festivities we could but Jared missed playing with his other cousin

MSU stuff for the D-man!

Jared & Samantha opening gifts

Jared opening gifts


Back at home, we allow the boys to open one gift on Christmas Eve. Jared helped out his baby brother open his new book "Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What do you hear?"

Jared's was a little bigger

A handmade train rack! Just like Daddy has!

Thanks Daddy, now Thomas and all his friends can rest in there when they aren't busy on the train table

Time to leave some yummy cookies for Santa

Here's a shot of the boy snoozing, ready for a big day tomorrow. Tequila decided to cuddle up with him during the night

Christmas morning with our boys!

Santa ate the cookies!

Devin's first Christmas and he was really happy

Jared opening up a new game, Wee Little Piggies. He sure does love playing this

Another shot of little Dev cuddling with Mama

Devin's First Christmas

Devin's First Christmas II

Devin's First Christmas III

Hey there Daddy, where are the rest of my presents?

Sweet, a little glow-seahorse. The littlest one loves it so much when he's resting in his playpen

Yup, Little-D's 1st Christmas, as stamped squarely on his butt

Jared totally enjoying his new Geotrax setup. The boy can't get enough of trains, let me tell you

Merry Christmas!

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