Thanksgiving 2008
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Jared scrambling around Devin in the bouncer

Before visiting Wisconsin, Daddy and Jared visited Bronners Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI

Bronners Ceiling Train

Devin resting peacefully before his first trip out to Wisconsin for Thanksgiving

To meet Great Grandma Shirley! (or Gigi as she likes to be called)

And here's Jared cuddling with Gigi

Jared & Great Grandma Shirley

Devin & Great Grandma Shirley

Jared & Great Grandma Shirley again

Great Aunt Carol holding her new favorite great-nephew

Jared showing off Fergus, one of his Thomas trains he brings to play with on trips

Jared showing off his sleeping arrangements

Which he got to share with Daddy

Mama holding the D-man in what has turned out to be his favorite comfort position

Such a cute little boy. Look at those eyes! Too bad the picture's a bit fuzzy

Here is the family visiting the Minhas (previously Joseph Huber) brewery in Monroe, WI. I highly recommend taking the tour if you're ever in the area

Jared playing with a little Thanksgiving gift Daddy picked up for him

My little off-roader


And here we are for Thanksgiving dinner with some yummy Honeybaked turkey. Note Jared eating Thanksgiving dinner at the table without a booster for the first time! Devin's there too, in the car seat on the right behind Carol

Devin wiped out from the activity

And now for some cuteness

More cuteness

And super cuteness...I love this picture!

Tickle tickle

There's a little smile

Major cooing for Gigi

Jared and Carol hanging out on the couch

Jared watching TV with Gigi

Carol enjoying a little more Devin-cuddling

While out there, even though we weren't there for very long, we were able to visit my Great Aunt Tootie (Marion, Gigi's sister) and went out to lunch, so she was able to meet little Devin

Time to head back home to Michigan. We'll miss you!

On the way out I took a picture of a sad sight, the closed Shakey's Pizza. This was a nostalgic hit for me, as I can remember going there when we would visit Wisconsin as far back as I can recall. We're hoping the new owners will reopen it as a new and improved Shakey's, but that's a long way off, if at all

Alright, back in Michigan, here we are visiting Fodor's Tree Farm. Here is our intrepid hunter ready to track down a nice pine for the living room

Heading around the bend, I think I see a good one up ahead Daddy

Oh, let's let this one rest for a while, it's got a cool mantid nest in it that will hatch next spring.

Christmas tree hunting

There she is Daddy!

After Daddy cut down the main trunk, the owner's grandson comes up to help us trim it up for travel. Mission accomplished!

Mama catching a couple boys resting after a big day tree-hunting

Devin hanging out in his playpen

Jared ever watchful and protective of his little brother

Jared, cousin Ethan, Samantha's friend Noel and Cousin Samantha enjoying the ceiling train

Mama exercising the baby boy

Oh yeah, here's that tree we brought in. More to come for Christmas!

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