Halloween 2008
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Jared ready to hit the candy trail as crew chief for Lightning McQueen

Here we are at a stopoff at Kroger the day before, enjoying some pre-halloween festivities

Jared prancing through the graveyard in the waning daylight

Jared and his friend Tanner ready to get some loot!

And here we see Devin, dressed in his "kangaroo pouch" costume. Actually it's just super hard to find a costume for a 2-week old baby

Jared off and running down the street

And the small creatures descend upon the neighborhood

...with Daddy ready to greet them

...with Jared clearly knowing it's just Daddy as he sucks on a lollipop

Jack o' lanterns! Note the one welcoming a certain baby boy

More pumpkins and a creepy skull

Spooky lights

And a shot of the graveyard at night

Now here we are at Cousin Ethan's 5th birthday party, complete with magician!

Lining up some volunteers

Jared hanging out in the audience

Get ready for some cake and ice cream!

Ethan getting ready to be served some yummy magical cupcakes from Aunt Debbie

Happy Birthday!

Ethan tearing into some gifts

Jared helping his cousin helping his other cousin open his gifts

I don't think I could have captured less smiles in this photo if I tried

Jared & Ethan playing

Grandpa Travis, Jared and Little D

Jared playing with some remote control robots with Ethan's buddies

Here's the family enjoying the playroom

Devin close up!

Not happy Daddy

A very proud boy holding his baby brother

Some pictures just don't need captions

Not happy Mama

Ok, I'm happier now

Now where's my food?

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