Fall Fun 2008
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Jared on his first day at preschool! He was so excited

We celebrated that night with some stir-crazy popcorn

The rest of these pictures are at the Clinton Fall Fest, a local fair and craft show in nearby - you guessed it - Clinton. Here's jared peeking out from a teepee recreation

They had an exotic animal petting farm too. Here's a sleepy kangaroo

Well ok, you couldn't pet everything

Don't let him spit on you!

Jared checking out some of the inflatables they had setup

Big fun

Hey there

Sometimes it's tough keeping up with the little speedster


Ok, that slide was fun Daddy. Again! Again!

Now in the moonwalk

Bouncing some balls around

Zero-G little boy!

Waiting for the parade

Enjoying some Dairy Queen in the meantime

Some sweet WWII planes perform a flyover

Actually, they did a few flyovers

Fake train thingy

...with passenger car

Air force band, very cool

More zooming in the sky

Mounted sheriffs

Hold those ears boy, that's a loud fire engine

The planes flying off into the distance

Here was a tall-man juggler

Some cool tractors

Cool, bagpipes

Some olde-tyme people riding bikes and such

Look who showed up - Spiderman! Not too many tall buildings to swing from around here Spidey

A mock stagecoach robbery and shootout, neat

Abe Lincoln making an appearance

Some unicyclists

And to finish things off, the Clinton Bell, pulled by a beautiful Farmall like what Great Grandpa Ralph used to use (and we still have in the family)

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