Jared's First Wisconsin Visit
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Here's Jared spending some time with Kahlua

This would be one of my favorites

Jared in his brand new infant/toddler car seat. I love that look on his face

The boys hanging out together

Baby in his Bjorn. Baby looks like he's bjorning in his diaper too

Apparently this would be the "family bed" every now and then

Jared meeting Great aunt Carol and Great Grandma Shirley for the first time. This was Jared's first "long" trip when we went out to Wisconsin for the weekend. He did really well and had a great time meeting his relatives

The first use of the Pack n' Play. It's super handy for trips

Here's family friend Jan meeting Jared

Nap time

Great Aunt Carol, Great Grandma, Mama, Daddy and Jared visiting Great Grandpa Ralph

Who's big? Jared's big!

Is there a baby in this picture? I can't see one!

And here's a reunion photo from our birthing class. Guess which one is the cutest.
Highlight this -> 6th from the left <- text for the answer

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