Summer Fun 2008 Part 3
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If you recall, earlier this summer I put in a staircase to connect the upper and lower decks. Not content to stop there, I started up again

Here's the boy helping Daddy dig some post holes

You hit water daddy! Woah.

Here's Daddy's little helper ready to drop in some drainage rocks for under the posts

Posts up and...

All done! Anyway, I really need to learn to take more pictures during construction of things like this

Course, we love it. It's a great place to put the patio table and relax or eat a nice dinner outdoors

Here's a shot of it in relation to the pool deck (and Mama)

Just a shot of the boy devouring a chocolate chip cookie at McDonalds

Here we see one of Milan's Summer concerts in the Park. This was a kid's band called Gemini, they were pretty good

Jared with his friends Matt and Samantha enjoying the concert

Jared and more friends dancing around

(Visiting Greenfield Village) Jared posing in front of one of the awesome steam engines

And here's the boy riding the half-million dollar frog on the Hershell-Spillman carousel. Yup, the thing's worth $500000

Daddy joining in on the fun

Here some sparrows were diving at some of the food at a nearby table while we enjoyed some lemonade

Jared pointed out some small squirrel tracks that went across some (then) wet cement near the Menlo Park exhibit

Jared dancing across the grandstand gazebo

Jared and Daddy enjoying a relaxing drive in a vintage Model T

Here's a good shot of the train across the field

One day Daddy came home to his family and found them playing in the backyard

Oh! I've been spotted by a boy!

Jared playing with a cute little helicopter toy

Our future pilot?




'N Slide!

Now that's some summer fun!

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