Summer Fun 2008 Part 2
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Continuing our summer excursion to middle-of-the-lower-penninsula-Michigan, we visited Iargo Springs, which is basically a big mountain with some natural springs, but you'll see what's really cool about it

Besides the beautiful view...

and the impressive waterways below...

Were the 892374 steps (ok, 300) to get to the bottom and see them up close

Yeah, there were a lot, what an effort to put all these things in

Here's a sign talking about the springs at the bottom

Grandpa Travis, Chuck, Samantha and Jared hanging out at the bottom-most pier

And here are the kids hopping off the deck to wade in the cool spring water

Very nice waterfall effect here

Another sign. I wish I had taken more pics at the bottom, because besides the steps there was a whole boardwalk network viewing different parts of the mountain, streams and lake

After we climbed up what seemed like way more than 200 steps, we hooked up with the girls at the nearby Lumberman's Monument. Here's a happy boy running to hug his Mama

Here we see the cousins about to break their necks

Nah, it's a climbable representation of a log jam

Now this is why I sometimes wish I had a better zoom on the camera, here's a bald eagle flying overhead

Very majestic

Another beautiful view from the monument site. They have walking tours and other activites that the girls did while the rest of us went to the springs

And here's the monument itself with a couple hams in front

This was something else you could do too, cut off a small piece of a log and bring it home as a souvenier. I could barely keep up with Jared!

Chuck and Samantha held up their end well too

Back at the cabin, we took off for a cruise on Indian Lake in Chuck's new pontoon boat

Bundle up well little boy!

Me about to shove off

Hey there!

Grandma Ginny enjoying the cruise

Nearby a jet boat flew by

Nice plumage dude

Here's the family wading in Round Lake (separated from Indian Lake by a small isthmus)

The shirt didn't last long on him, or the shorts, oh well. Anyway, he had a blast in the water

Yes he's got plenty of sunblock on. Sorry son, your Mama and I are nearly the whitest people alive and that makes you pretty much glow in the dark

I love swimming Daddy!

Back on the boat, with Jared helping to drive this time

This was kinda cool. A seaplane docks on the lake here

And we also get to see it take off and as you can see also, land on the water. I never saw one before in real life do that so it was a treat

The cousins saying goodbye before we left

And Ethan's and Samantha's friends, David and Kristen, join in

And the family

And the whole gang that day, bye!

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