Easter 2008 and Spring Fun
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Jared getting ready for a big Easter day!

Alright, where are those eggs...

Got some - hey, there's chocoloate in these things!

Yummy robin eggs

Here's some more, the Easter Bunny was all over the house this year

Whew, this is tiring

Look at me, I found all dozen eggs!

And here's the boy ripping into his Easter basket

Look Daddy, I got Murdoch for my train table!

We went up to Lansing to spend time with the fam. Here's the cousins getting together with some (of all things) trains!

Ethan showing Jared his projection stencil machine

Deb and Chuck's friends Becky and Bill came over for Easter dinner. We had turkey and prime rib - yum!

And here's the kids table, enjoying their food

Time to say bye!

As a small respite, Jared moved into his new big room. Here's a shot of daddy and the boy putting together his new big boy bed! Something happened that prompted Jared to vacate his room. I wonder what that could be...

And now back to Lansing, this time for Samantha's 7th birthday party at Caesarland

Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild, back from their winter hibernation in Florida

Grandma and Jared enjoying some yummy pizza

The boy loves pizza, that's for sure

Here's a shot of the cousins in the play area

Samantha and Ethan with Samantha's birthday cake

Make a wish!

Grandma and Jared with their sundaes

Samantha enjoying her cake

Opening gifts!

Jared sporting his new Hannah Montana horn - whee

More presents!

Here's our gift, it's a cool lighthouse for Samantha and Ethan's Geotrax set. It's not made anymore, but she wanted it, so eBay to the rescue!

Chuck and Bill hanging out while the kids go wild

Jared enjoing his cool goodie bag

Happy birthday Samantha!

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