November 2007 Fun
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Here's Mama and Jared getting excited for some good old-fashioned popcorn. Non of that wussy microwave stuff around here thank you very much

What a goofy boy

Jared and Mama enjoying some reading time

And now it's time for Cousin Ethan's 4th birthday party. Here's Jared helping Uncle Chuck tie up some balloons

Ethan's party was at Caesarland in Lansing. It's a Little Caesar's, but huge, with all sorts of crawling places, video games and more

Jared going insane at Ceasarland

Here's Grandma helping out the boy ride a train

Cake time! Mmmmmmmmmmmm

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but it's a really great shot of Uncle Chuck reaching up at our little boy in the tube

Jared helping Ethan off the slide

Uncle Chuck riding a motorcycle with Jared while Aunt Debbie looks on

Jared running around in the play structure

He would go down slides with other people, but he wasn't quite up to sliding down by himself yet

And what would November be with without Turkey Day!

Like last year, we cooked it on the grill. Man it turns out great that way.

Want the recipe?

Here's Daddy doing the manly duty of cutting the bird. I swear, the aroma coming off a freshly cooked turkey...ok, I gotta go to lunch now

And in true post-Thanksgiving fashion, here's a shot of Daddy relaxing in the recliner with his two kitty babies

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