Winter Fun 2007
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Time for the boy's first haircut!

We took him to a local place called Fiesta Salons. The girl was really nice, and Jared behaved really well

Jared checking out the progress in the mirror

Hey there handsome!

Yeah, you're pushing my patience Daddy

All done!

Now we get home to do some sitting and spinning

Look at my new haircut!

Jared enjoying some juice

I love my juice!

This is Jared's new travel bed. He's actually using it tonight for the first time, which is also the first time really he's sleeping out of the crib/playpen!

Helping Mama transfer some laundry. Of course, Jared likes to take clothes sometimes and hide them

Hello there folks

He's getting a little too big to fit in the cabinets lately. My boy is growing up!

Jared sitting at the cool table that Aunt Debbit and Uncle Chuck got him for Christmas

Ok, bring on the food!

Here's a lazy boy lounging on the couch

Oh boy, look at those pants. What's coming next?

Fun in the snow!

Jared's first time playing in the snow. We haven't gotten much this yeah, and this was the first big snowfall this season.

Of course it was pretty cold too, so we didn't stay out too long.

Hey there Daddy, comple play with me

Snow angels!

Daddy dragging Jared across the drifts on his sled

Here we're taking some high-speed hairpin turns in the snow. Jared loved it

It sure is bright out here

And there's Mama taking the boy out for a spin

Whee! Here we come back

Ok, here's a visit to the Univerity of Michigan Natural History Museum, enjoying some dinosaurs!

Here's a full-size allosaurus, oooo

And some pteradons

Another shot of the central dinosaur. Jared calls them "di-di's"

Here's the boy in relation to the allosaurus. Not much more than a snack huh?

And some really cool and huge mastadons

Hey, there's that camera again. Jared: Daddy, don't you have enough pictures of me yet? Daddy: NEVER!

Time to take some pliers to Mama's hair, just out of the shower. Who knows why?

And here's Jared squeezing every bit of enjoyment possible from his sit and spin

Yup, every possible ounce of fun

Now here's Jared playing with some of Daddy's trains

Hmm, I could go for some orange juice. Any in there Daddy?

Maybelle looking on from a distance - just how she wants it

There goes the little bobber caboose Jared and Daddy bought at the recent Ann Arbor train show

Jared checking out the Caterpillar train

Cool, what's that track do?

And now both trains running around. Daddy, make em crash! (um, no)

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