Summer Vacation 2006
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Here's a few shots from a local Reniassance Faire

It's called Silver Leaf and it's located in Kalamazoo, MI

Very cool knights in armour

Even cooler knights on horseback

More knights. Why didn't I take more pictures at this thing?

Here's Jared at Aunt Marge and Uncle John's in Delaware

Kids love them boxes

And then they get pooped out

Here's the family visiting Rehoboth Beach with our fantastic parking space right on the beach. Oh yeah baby

Walking on the renovated boardwalk area, with the endangered beach grass in the background

All of us on the boardwalk

Almost taking a swim in the Atlantic Ocean. Jared actually did get his feet wet in it for the first time

We stayed at Tara's sister Geri's house, who also hosted a family party while we were there

Lots of family!

Lots more family

Jared diving in with the other babies of the family

Jared distributing his toys for the other kids to play with

Wait a minute, I gave them all away now I don't have any!

Tara and her sister Geri. Howard, Geri's husband, was away in Colorado while we were there

Mmmm, a cold drink after some roughousin'

And back to the play!

Whew, that was tough

Mama straightening up the boy's overalls

Grandpa Jack with his gaggle of descendants. Now it would appear that it's Jared and all his cousins, but actually, that's Jared and all his cousins once-removed. All the other kids are children of Jared's first cousins, who are Tara's nieces and nephews. So basically it's Jack and his great-grandchildren, except for Jared, who's his grandson. It's taken me seven years in this family so far, and I think I'm finally getting the hang of it

And (a lot of) the family. Want names?

Tara and her nephew (yes, nephew) Chuck, holding Jared and Olivia.

Who's ready for some lunch?

Not any more, I'm stuffed!

Jared running around in Marge and John's huge yard

Zipping in and out of the hedge rows...

Running away, bye Jared!

Boom! Grass stains, whee

Ok Uncle John, I'll follow you for a bit

Here's a pan and scan of the beach at Ocean City, MD

And going...

And going... If you look really close, you can see Mama sitting with Jared in a bench. Give up?

And going...

And going...

And going...

And gone! It's a very cool resort area on the Atlantic Ocean

And a shot of the Ocean City Ripley's Believe it or Not museum, complete with shark!

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