4th of July 2006 and Family
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Jared at the Milan 4th of July Parade

Check out my cool flag

Who's a little patriot?

I am!

That's right baby

Hey Daddy, can I see that camera for a sec?

Cool, check out those jeeps

Ooo, I see a personnel carrier coming

Fully armored baby, I could go for a ride in that

Hey, that looks like my Great Grandfather Ralph's tractor

Cool, check out that monster truck, it can drive sideways!

The Thomas family came up to watch the fireworks, here's Jared with his girlfriend Erin

And here's the only picture that came out of the rest of the Thomas family, bummer. Anyway, cool glow rings






And now while visiting Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck, Cousins Ethan and Samantha put up some lemonade for sale! Only 25 cents!

Ooo, look at the crowd

Mama giving Jared a break in the shade

Jared with Grandma Fairchild enjoying the bright sun

And here's the baby snoozing after a long and happy day!

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