Jared's First Swim!
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Jared suiting up for something big

Look at my muscles!

Grrr! *flex*

Mama greasing up the boy for fun in the sun

I'm ready Mama, let's go!

Whee, Jared's first time in the pool

He seemed to really have a good time and doesn't seem too scared of the water, as long as Mama or Daddy are closeby

The little boat is neat, it holds him up, though you wouldn't want to stray too far cause he liked trying to drink the water

There's even a couple activity toys on the boat to play with


Hey everybody!

Peek a boo!

Ooooo, no boat!

This is cool Mama, I like this

Somebody likes to splash

Big time

This rules Mama

Now time to chew on the boat a bit

Hahaha! Look at me in my boat

Hey there, lemme have that camera Daddy

Off I go

Cool, quick turn

Daddy, there's a plane flying over

See, right there!

Somebody getting a little seasick

I love my pool, I can't wait to swim some more

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