The Fairchilds Miscellaneous Jared
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Jared showing off his favorite new way to annoy Mama, climbing onto the kitchen table

Jared enjoying an evening on the bench Aunt Debbie and Uncle Chuck gave him

Hey, this is comfy

And here's Cousins Ethan and Samantha joining the boy on the comfy bench

Jared playing with his new drum, noise! Fun!

No, that's not a lollipop

Hanging out with Mama

Jared enjoying the nice breeze from the open window

Ha! I was hiding behind the curtains!

How's this for cute?

Maybe this?

Are you people listening to me!?!?!

Jared passed out after running around all day

Tequila finding a nice quiet spot hidden from the boy

Jared checking out the new inflatable swim ring

It checks out Daddy, let's go swimming!

I got the tube, let's go!

Jared hanging out with the Tupperware again

Go State!

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