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Jared's first picture ever! His first ultrasound on July 27th 2004

And the main ultrasound on September 21st 2004. This is where we were asked the big question. We decided not to know, and are so glad we did. The surprise at the birth was beyond explanation. Later that same night when Daddy had his hand on Mama's belly, was when we felt his first big kick. There may have been iffy kicks before, but we couldn't be sure we felt something. There was no doubt about this one though

December 18th 2004 dressing up for a friend's wedding. 10 days before Tara went into the hospital

Yes, we were terribly excited. Part of me is disappointed we didn't get to experience the full term of pregnancy, but that is offset by the sheer joy of being able to meet my son earlier

Nap time for baby!

Jared's bundled up for his first pediatrician's appointment, whee!

Grandma Fairchild

Tara's baby shower

Daddy bringing the surprise guest to the shower. Not often the baby gets to attend his own shower

Friends who had a great time at the shower. We were so glad to have them there

More friends and family. The shower was held at the Washtenaw County Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled. It's a place Tara visits as often as she can, and they were generous enough to let us use the common room for her shower. We can't thank them enough!

Tara opening up the loot. We got such nice gifts from our great friends

Cousin Ethan stayed with uncle Chuck while the girls went to the shower. Ethan kept himself busy chasing Kahlua around the house

Jared's first real bath!

Jared's first ride in his swing. He really seemed to like it too

Somebody loves his Mama

Aunt Debbie and cousin Samantha come to visit baby Jared

Grandma Fairchild and Jared having a fun time together

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