Baby's First Christmas (Delaware)
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Christmas! Part three. Here's Mama and the big boy celebrating at Uncle John and Aunt Marge's home

"I didn't do it!"

Jared and Grandma Arden enjoying a moment

Cousin Michael opening our gift of a Michigan sweatshirt. One of these days he'll come to his senses and want a Michigan State one

Uncle Sean keeping an eye on the mischiveous little boy

Jared doing pull-ups on Aunt Marge's windowsill

Yeah, sometimes all the excitement can be a bit much

Jared playing with Daddy's laptop

Jared contemplating a tree, on a tree. Woah

Uncle John playing with the boy

Jared getting hold of Aunt Marge's unguarded camera "Ha ha! It's mine now!"

Here's a shot of the boy and Maybelle squaring off before a down and dirty wrestling match. Ok, I'm kidding, there's a few years before that happens.

Jared playing with the fun driving game that Aunt Pat gave him

Aunt Cheryl and Uncle Joe visiting their littlest nephew

And finally, Jared visiting his cousins Stacy and Jamie over at Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Theresa's home

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