Thanksgiving 2005
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Jared loves watching the washer, it's like another TV to him

Jared spending some time with Maybelle

Ok, something more interesting caught his eye

Getting ready at Great Grandma Gray's for the big boy's first Thanksgiving

Here's Great Aunt Carol, Great Grandma Gray, Daddy, Mama and Jared ready to dig in

Here's the first bite of real turkey

Ok, I'll need my finger back son

Someone really like turkey and potatoes

Let's wash that down, ahhh. That was delicious!

Jared having fun with Great Grandma Gray

Time for some pre-bedtime energy-release

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater!

Great Grandpa Gray's Christmas wreath. We love you Grandpa

Everyone lining up before we head back home

Great Aunt Carol and Great Grandma Gray saying goodbye to Jared

Back home, we see Jared playing with his favorite drawer, just like Daddy did as a boy

He can't get enough of that Tupperware (ok, fine, it's Gladware)

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