Halloween and Family
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Jared's frst Halloween!

We didn't take the boy out and around, but everyone who came to the house for candy sure loved him

Here's Jared sneaking into Cousin Ethan and Samantha's toy box

Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild with the boy at the dinner table for Cousin Ethan's birthday party


Jared opening up one of Cousin Ethan's presents. You'll be getting your own presents soon son!

Jared, Maggie, Cousin Ethan, Cousin Samantha, Matthew (bottom) and Johnny (top) having fun with presents

Becky (Maggie and Johnny's mom) keeping an eye on the big boy

Jared having lots of fun putting fingerprints on Aunt Debbie's curio cabinet

Cake time for Cousin Ethan!

And finally, here's Daddy taking care of his wiped-out baby boy

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