Our New Home
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And this is the reason for the delay in pics - here's our new home!

But, before we get to that...

Here's a pic of Tara in the old master bedroom

And here's poor Maybelle amidst the mounds of boxes

It's amazing the amount of crap you can accumulate, even in a small house

Of course, Maybelle wasn't always alone in the clutter, she had the big boy to talk to

I love this picture

Here's Jared spending his last night in the old house

And here's the last shot of the boy in his old room

And here's Mama in the cleared-out old basement

The last shot of the Fairchild family in the old house after everything's gone. It's so desolate and spooky in an empty house...

...of course now we have this nice big one to fill up

It's a raised ranch/bi-level, and here's a shot looking up into the living room. All the sticky notes are for places on the wall we need to touch up

Here's the playroom. It's on the lower level and is decked out in our favorite Hockey team's design

There's even a small door that leads into a huge secret play area that Jared can enjoy later

Here's a semi-cluttered view of the dining room into the living room (yeah, we got some unpacking to do). See if you can find the a) baby boy and b) kitty hidden in the picture

Here's a shot over the balcony deck

And here's a look from off of the balcony onto our refreshing new pool

Here's a shot deeper into the backyard, with Jared's future playhouse and Maybelle enjoying her wide open new yard

Looking back from the playhouse corner toward the back of the house

Here's Grandma and Grandpa Fairchild along with Cousins Ethan and Samantha visiting the new house

And here's a shot that has nothing to do with the house, but it's a picture of Jared's first visit to the Cider Mill at the Wasem Fruit Farm. Love them doughnuts!

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