Frankenmuth and More Wisconsin
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Here's Uncle John and Aunt Marge visiting Michigan to see the big boy!

Another shot of the happy travelers with Jared, this taken at Bronner's Christmas store in Frankenmuth, MI

Add Mama and Daddy into the Christmas wonderland. Jared seems to love the store as much as Daddy. He was so enchanted by all the lights, toys, music and sparkles

Here's a shot of Aunt Marge and Mama at River Walk in Frankenmuth. It's a kind of outdoor mall with a Bavarian theme, as if you're in a village with winding cobblestone streets

This was taken at Zhender's in Frankenmuth. It's a massive family-style restaurant that is famous for their huge chicken dinners. The boy is big into glasses now. He spills a lot, but he's learning

Jared taking a turn at the wheel on a trip to Wisconsin

Here's Great Grandma Gray holding a much bigger boy

And now Great Aunt Carol's Turn

This was taken at a favorite breakfast place called Park City in Janesville, WI. Somebody is such a happy boy and really loves his Mama

And here's a shot of the family visiting Wisconsin Dells, a really fun city filled with tons of attractions, water parks, hotels, etc.

Obviously Jared is a little too young to enjoy most of it, and got tired quickly, but he loved riding in his stroller seeing all the cool sites and people. While visiting the dells, Mama and Daddy got an awesome set of windchimes that sound like church bells.

Just before leaving for home

Here's a shot of a happy baby playing with his learning cube

And another shot with a classic toy that Aunt Marge got for him off Ebay. It's called a Happy Apple by Fisher Price. It's got really cool chimes inside that sound very nice and appealing. I don't know why, but they stopped making this

And here's the next stage... TEEF! Jared cut his first tooth on August 5th and now has three that have broken through

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