This page is dedicated to a few of the minor, individual goodies that I installed on the bike.

The blue bolts below are OEM Honda and were supposed to match the paint. Well, I can't imagine why they wouldn't match the paint, but there they are. Oh well, they still are kinda neat. These aren't available in the US, for some goofy reason.

Below you can see the button on the starter switch housing. This button is hardwired to the garage door opener mounted inside the right glove box. It is insanely convenient and every bike should have one. Thanks for the tip Jack!

Below is a picture of the Fenda Extenda. It's basically a piece of plastic that extends the front fender a bit to help prevent debris from flying up into the radiator. This thing isn't just for show, it really works and works well. Dear Honda Design Team: why did you make it so I had to buy this thing?
<*NOTE> This recently fell off, somewhere in the midwest. Looks like I'll have to get another.

Here's a great little investment you can make with the bike. You can install these 2" convex mirrors onto the corner of the stock mirrors to help you gain valuable, additional visibility of your blind spots. You can pick these up at any auto parts store for a buck or two each. They just stick on and can be removed later if you end up not liking them.

You can see the Helmet Guardian installed below. It's a pretty nice piece of equipment that secures to the license plate frame. It's made of painted steel and comes with two keys that both fit both locks. Sure the ST1300 advertises that it comes with "dual helmet locks," but when you realize that what Honda considers helmet locks on this bike equates to two steel hooks beneath the seat. You have to remove the seat to use them, and not only that, most helmets don't even have a long en...y'know, forget this. The stock helmet locks suck, so just get this and you'll be happy.

Now we get to the something pretty cool. Tailbrights are basically reflective stickers that you affix to the saddlebags and the top box (if you have one). You even get one bonus sticker that goes on the rear tire mudflap. What makes these stickers impressive is that they use a special reflective material from 3M that appears black in most light, but when bright light such as headlights (or a camera flash) shine on them, they appear bright as day. This is a really nice safety feature to allow drivers to clearly see you at night. They are kinda expensive ($30-$40), but they are die-cut specific to the bike and are of good quality. The first picture below is in daylight, and the second one is at night.