Honda Motorcycles
Honda's corporate motorcycle site. I'm partial, I admit it

Blacktop's ACE Pages
All kinds of useful Shadow ACE 750 information

The ST Forum
A non-commercial ST1300 web site which hosts many service & repair tutorials in PDF format, with forums for technical help

ST1300 Owner's Forum
MSN's forum for discussing all sorts of ST1300 issues. Very helpful, especially the archives, just ignore the idiot newbies who don't know what they are talking about (like me)
Sport Touring forum for all makes of bike

Mark Lawrence's cycle Pages
Very informative pages dealing with more detailed modifications and analysis of everything motorcycle


I've provided the below links because I wish I had them when I was ordering things. I don't have any affiliation with any manufacturer or distributor, nor do I necessarily endorse them. If they are on the list below, it means I placed one or more orders with them and everything went fine. If you have a question regarding any of them, any order I placed or any specific accessory I got from them, email me. They are presented in alphabetical order.

Arrowhead Motorsports
General items

Auto Barn
General items

Bill Mayer Saddles

California Sport Touring
General items

Cee Bailey's


Cruiser Backrest
General items

Cruiser Customizing
General items

Cycoactive Products
GPS, radio, etc. mounting supplies

David Silver Spares
England-based motorcycle supplier, to get parts that are (for some stupid reason) not sold in the US

Dennis Kirk
General items

G-Force Cycles
General items

Honda Direct Line
General items

JC Whitney
General items
Honda OEM parts for any piece on the bike

Superbright LEDs
LED lights

TASCO Safety Products
Foam earplugs

Twisted Throttle
General items